Cossack Warriors will be galloping onto the Showground for this year’s Royal County of Berkshire Show!

The Devils Horsemen are delighted to be returning to the Royal County of Berkshire show with their Cossack display of breath-taking, high energy acrobatics on horseback!

With over 40 years’ experience in horsemanship, their displays range from Cossacks to jousting and chariots to the Wild West. They also provide horses and equipment to the film and TV world, with credits such as the Lloyds Bank commercials featuring the famous Black Horse, Game of Thrones, Sky Sports Formula 1 Promotion, the blockbuster hit Wonder Woman and the latest Transformers movie, The Last Knight.

The Devil’s Horsemen was established from the most effective battle tactics in military history, the Mongol Cavalry. They used sturdy, agile and durable horses to conquer lands from China to Hungary, and from northern India to Russia. These battle techniques have now been transformed into acrobatics on horseback, tearing along at full gallop while its rider hangs at impossible angles or standing on the saddle!

The team base their skills on the Cossack riders, who were some of the bravest warriors in the 14th and 15th centuries, and all the trick riding that features in their shows was created to keep them safe on the battle field.

The Devils Horsemen is located at Wychwood Stud in Buckinghamshire; 200 acres of meadow land where the horses live as a herd in the Summer.

Camilla Naprous

Camilla is the daughter of world renowned horsemaster and stunt co-ordinator, Gerard Naprous. Camilla has been around horses all her life and was in the saddle before she could walk, making her impression on the stunt world at the tender age of 8, performing live in front of the crowds at the Horse of the Year Show. Her work has taken her all around Europe and has worked with many Hollywood A-Listers such as Colin Farrell, Val Kilmer and Jonny Lee Miller. Camilla has also doubled for Piper Pablo (Coyote Ugly) and assisted in training Angelina Jolie for her stunts in Tomb Raider II. She is currently training Natalie Portman and Scarlet Johansson for a new blockbuster movie.

Daniel Naprous

Daniel is Gerard’s son and he made the decision to follow in his father’s footsteps at a very early age, working alongside him in the live shows from the age of 8. By the time Daniel reached his teens he was acknowledged as one of the best trick riders in Europe. It is his skill on horseback, coupled with his dashing good looks that has secured him many TV and film roles such as the part of Amant in the First Knight, working alongside Richard Gere and Sean Connery. He also took the part of St George in Beasts and Monsters, the Young Lord in The Odyssey and displaying a lot of fancy footwork with his father’s black stallion when doubling for Lancelot in Merlin.

Commentator for the Devil’s Horsemen, Karina Essery comments; “The Devils Horsemen have a long history with the Royal County of Berkshire show, and will be delighted to greet old friends and make new ones this year” 

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