Potato Challenge for Schools - Harvesting

Back in March we saw 120 children visit the showground who took part in various activities based around potatoes, such as a blind potato crisp challenge, decorating potato cakes and tastings and demonstrations of potato salads and potato chocolate cake! The children then returned to school to grow their potatoes in their bags.

On Monday 20th June, the Society welcomed back the children to the showground with their potatoes. Prizes were awarded to the highest yields and the winners were the Robert Sandilands Primary School with 2071g of Rocket potatoes and 2288g of Rudolph potatoes!

We then returned to Parlaunt Park Primary Academy in Slough on Tuesday 21st June, where Parlaunt Park took first place with 312g of Rocket potatoes and 117g of Regional variety potatoes.

The winners received either a ladybird or butterfly house and a children's gardening kneeler.




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